Belt Splicing

CMS offers either On Site Installation and Maintenance of Conveyor Belts, or Endless Belts manufactured in our workshop. 

We have the capabilities to Hot Vulcanize Conveyor and Transmission belts from 30mm wide up to 2400mm wide. 

Belt Maintenance and Repairs can be done On Site by using the Super Spotter Repair Vulcanizer, or by using the Cold Vulcanization Method. 

Pulley Refurbishment & Manufacture

CMS offers a complete and diverse range of conveyor pulleys that are precision manufactured to the highest standards. This ensures product suitability, reliability, performance as well as reduced maintenance. 

  • Complying with international design standards for pulley construction
  • Hot rolled steel shafts machined to the required diameter
  • Popular pulley diameter sizes available
  • Heavy duty pipe or rolled steel drums that are dynamically balanced
  • Various drum thicknesses available
  • Concentric machining with crowning if required
  • Compression locking elements between shaft and hub
  • Catering to suit a full range of belt widths
  • Safe and secure packaging suitable for transport and storage options
  • Painting according to specification
  • Customised pulleys and diameters available on request

Pulley Range

  • Drive / high tension pulleys
  • Tail, take-up and snub pulleys
  • Spiral pulleys (self cleaning)
  • Wing pulleys (self cleaning)
  • Slatted pulleys
  • Flat or Crowned
  • Specials available on request

Product Quality Assurance

  • Our Factory is fully ISO accredited with ISO9001 Certifications in Quality Management
  • Quality materials are used to ensure the highest quality finished products are manufactured
  • Heat street relieving performed on pulley drums
  • In-house testing facilities for a full range of pulley test procedures – including, but not limited to
    • T.I.R. (Total Indicator Run-out)
    • Ultrasonic testing of all materials
    • Magnetic particle testing of welded surfaces
  • High precision dynamic balancing
  • Detailed drawings are provided for approval prior to manufacturing
  • Dimensional and quality checks on finished pulleys
  • MDR’s and ITP’s available on request
  • Additional quality assurance and independant inspections are carried out by International Testing Authorities.

Finishing Options

  • Smooth bare steel
  • Knurled bare steel
  • Lagged variations
    • Plain, patterned or grooved rubber
    • Various ceramic options
    • Polyurethane options
  • Flat or crowned as required

Rubber Lining

CMS provides a Rubber Lining service, either in our workshop, or onsite repairs.

  • Rubber lining of pipes, tanks, chutes, we also offer Ceramic lining of sumps and transfer boxes.
  • Backing Rubber for Grinding Mills.
  • Supply of Rema Tip Top rubber sheet products, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm. 35 to 60 duro hardness, Thicker products are available on request.
  • Supply of Metal Primer, for application prior to rubber installation.
  • Supply of Adhesives, for bonding, Rubber to Rubber, Rubber to Steel, Rubber to Wood.
  • Polyurethane components items are also available, Shaft Cable Pulleys, Shuttle Wheels, Bushes

Belt & Lining Installation

CMS provides a full installation service for all products sold.