Conveyor Maintenance Services – Townsville

If you’re in need of effective and affordable conveyor maintenance, including belting, rolling and onsite repairs, don’t look any further than Conveyor Maintenance Services. We’ve been in business for more than 18 years and were founded on the principle that our clients deserve quality services from providers they can trust. We serve a wide range of businesses across the fields of construction, quarry, mining, concrete packing, vegetable and fruit packing, meat packaging and more. Virtually any business in need of conveyor belt products and equipment will find something they need here.

We not only provide conveyor belt maintenance products, but we also offer a wide range of services to better serve our clients. You’re not only getting top of the line products that you can trust, but you get the value of our expertise as well. We’ll help your business with:
  • Conveyor belting
  • Conveyor rolling
  • Transfer point solutions
  • Belt cleaning
  • Industrial rubber products
  • Belt aligning
  • PVC Conveyor belts
  • Both onsite & workshop services
Open Pit Mining— Conveyor Maintenance Services in Bohle, QLD
Conveying baggages — Conveyor Maintenance Services in Bohle, QLD
Conveyor Belt — Conveyor Maintenance Services in Bohle, QLD
Pulley — Conveyor Maintenance Services in Bohle, QLD

Why turn to us for conveyor maintenance services?

We’ve been servicing Queensland in Townsville and surrounding areas for nearly two decades. We’re committed to providing quality products and reliable services, so you can spend more time operating your business and less time worrying over the equipment.Does this sound like what you need? Give us a call or head over to our contact page to get in touch!