Conveyer Belts

Conveyor Maintenance Services (AUST) P/L

Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt

  • Surface and Underground Mining
  • Quarries and Sandpits
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Harbour and Port Installations
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Timber and Paper Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • General Conveying
  • Cement Works
  • Polyester Nylon (PN or EP)
  • Synthetic woven fabric, with polyester fiver in the warp and nylon fiber in the weft
  • Medium, long distance and heavy load transportation of materials
  • Low elongation and good troughability
A. Top Cover: Various thicknesses and grades available
B/D. Carcass: From 1 ply to multiple plies
C. Skims: From 0.5mm upwards
E. Bottom Cover: Various Thicknesses and grades available. Bare back also available.
F. Moulded Edge (Sealed) or Cut Edge
Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD
Steel Cord Conveyor Belt — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

  • Suitable for large capacity loads over long distances at high speeds
  • High tensile strengths available
  • Low elongation with less take up required
  • Excellent troughability and flexibility
  • Excellent spicing efficiency
  • Manufactured to AS1333 or DIN standards
  • Port and Harbour Installations
  • Overland and Steep Conveyors
  • Surface and Underground Mining
  • Thermal Power Stations

Rip Stop Conveyor Belt

  • Anti-tear and rip resistant qualities without any equivalent in conventional fabric conveyor belts
  • Special Steel wefts with high elongation and tensile strength properties arranged at a nominal pitch:
- To break the ripping momentum; limiting any logitudinal cutting and tearing
- To eject foreign bodies that have penetrated
- Trip-out overload setting to contain any damage
  • Superior carcass protection through greater impact energy distribution across the belt width
  • Exceptional fastener-holding ability if required
  • Pulley system modifications not required; transversal steel weft has no influence
  • Longer service life under heavy duty applications
  • Manufactured to AS1332 or DIN standards
  • Quarries and Sand Pits
  • Hard rock mining and Surface applications
  • Raw Coal Applications and Processing
  • Cement Works
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Forestry and Timber Works
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Harbour and Port Installations
Rip Stop Conveyor Belt — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD
 Auto-stable Conveyor — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD

Auto-stable Conveyor

  • Offering instantaneous self-centring which provides stability of the belt along the length of the system
  • Elimination of systematic pinching; hence less wear and lower friction (reduced power consumption), as well as reduced belt edge damage and increased belt life
  • Increase in output owing to stabilization of the vein and slope of the product, with the possibility of increasing the troughing angle to optimise volumetric capacity
  • No need for external tracking accessories or conveyor modifications for belt training of misalignment issues Exceptional fastener-holding ability in an emergency shut
  • The added advantage of the steel weft providing greater impact energy absorption across the belt width, as well as the width steel weft at a nominal pitch providing rip / tear protection in steel carcass belts
  • Manufactured to AS and / or DIN / ISO standards
  • Bulk handling operations and Terminal Seaports
  • Various mining operations (ores, coal, phosphates etc)
  • Cement works and Quarries
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Forestry and timber works
  • Iron and Steel industry
  • Reversible installations (ship loaders, stacker / reclaimers)
  • Installations with poorly centred loads (bucket wheels)
  • Conveyors with curves in the horizontal plane
  • Special applications

Sidewall Conveyor Belts

Sidewall Features
  • Wave design ensures maximum flexing without fatigue
  • Profile has excellent vertical stability for load retention and return side support
  • Vulcanised from both sides, giving superior bond strenghts to the base belt
  • Fabric reinforcement provides excellent tear resistance and stability for deeper
  • profiles (>200mm high)
  • Rubber compound has high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength
  • Supplied hot vulvanised onto base belt, or supplied loose on demand
Sidewall Conveyor Belts — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD
System Advantages
  • Minimal spillage with steep angle and vertical conveying
  • Cross cleats prevent product fall back
  • No wearing from side skirts
  • No transfer points from the feed hopper to discharge point with multiple turning angles, thus reducing dust and pollution
  • Maximum utilization of space, with the ability to convey material at up to 90 degree angles
  • Minimum maintenance and longer belt service life
  • Wide range of materials can be handled
  • Low power requirements and quiet smooth running
  • Sidewall, Cross Cleats and Base Belt are all hot vulcanized together, providing high strength and extended belt life
Chevron and Profile Conveyor Belts — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD

Chevron and Profile Conveyor Belts

  • Excellent Choice for high capacity conveying at steep angles to prevent load slip or product roll back
  • Cleats integrally moulded with the top cover rubber preventing separation from the belt
  • A large range of designs and patterns available
  • Cleats with high abrasion resistance and elastic rubber compounds for flexibility
  • Various cleat heights and widths available depending on the application requirements
  • Wood Chips
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Heavy Duty Scrap Metal
  • Minerals - Coal and Ore
  • Materials - Fine Coal and Grains
  • Waste and Recycling Plants
  • Road Construction
  • Bagged Materials

Feeder Conveyor Belt


Flanged Conveyor Belt

  • Specialty belts used for coal burning applications, power stations, cogeneration plants, and cement manufacturing
  • Belt construction and flanges are integrally moulded and hot vulcanized
  • Option to include v-guide tracking strip that fits into a groove on the pulleys reducing tracking problems
  • Flanged structure prevents coal powder or lumps from spilling over edges during transportation
  • Notching design enables operation in smaller pulley diameters
  • Easily mechanically fastened
Feeder Conveyor Belt — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD

V-Guided Conveyor Belt

  • Designed to keep belts running consistently in the proper alignment
  • Tracking profile integrally moulded witht he cover rubber preventing separation from the belt
  • Option to include flanged edge structure
  • Reduces tracking problems
  • Reduced edge wear and belt maintenance
  • Reduced spillage and longer belt life
  • Easily mechanically fastened
Industries / Applications
  • Coal Fired Power Plants
  • Utilities
  • Cogeneration Plants
  • Industrial
  • Mining Industry
  • Cement and Manufacturing Plants
  • Recycling Industry
  • Steel Producers
  • Manufactured to AS or DIN standards

PVC & PU Lightweight Conveyor Belts

PVC & PU Lightweight Conveyor Belts — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD
  • Conveyor and processing belts for light and medium duty applications in both industrial and service industries
  • Robust and longitudinally flexible
  • Lightweight with low overall thickness
  • Low elongation
  • Monofilament fabric with low coefficient of friction
  • FDA approved for conveying foor products with resistance to oils, fats, chemicals and grease
  • Sheet Metal Processing and Automobile Industry
  • Distribution Centres and Airports
  • Marble and Brick Industry
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Food Handling Industry
  • Fish and Fruit Processing
  • Wood and Chipboard Industry
  • Packaging and Paper Industry

Sugar Industry Conveyor Belts

  • Conveyor belting designed to provide the sugar industry with cost effective options depending on the nature of application and product requirements
  • Range suitable for handling cane, bagasse, reject materials and variations of processed sugar
  • Self-extinguishing and anti-static compound grades
  • Low elongation and good troughability
  • Higher resistance to heat and moisture
  • Medium, long distance and heavy load transportation of materials
Sugar Industry Conveyor Belts — Conveyor Belting Services in Bohle, QLD